So she’s not going to let him cum for a while. What to do… What to do?

Pussy Worship

That’s what they’ll do! Now, it’s all about her, and her pleasure. She should take advantage of his desire to please her during these times. and she should enjoy that his hard-on rages unsatisfied, because that erection, and its matching set of blue balls, is his sign to her that her pleasure makes him happy. So, she should feel free to lift up her skirt to enjoy some spontaneous pussy licking, some unexpected breast suckling, or his hand on her body, even if it doesn’t go much further, simply because she enjoys the attention. She should enjoy all of his attention, his worship of her body, and all of her own orgasms as often as she pleases, because tease times are her times, and what T&D is all about… HER! Even if they aren’t doing things related to sex, she’ll notice his enthusiasm for her and her interests is way up, because he’ll be hoping she notices his efforts, and that she’ll show her appreciation by finally letting him to cum with her at some point. Now, doesn’t that sound exactly like things were when you were dating?!

So she’s not using T&D as a means to AVOID sexual interaction with him, which wouldn’t be any fun at all, and isn’t even a tease. But if she is effectively arousing him, then what she is doing still counts as a tease even if the attention isn’t even directed at him. Then, she’s not ignoring him, since he is, through the act of serving her and being with her, still being included, which they both will enjoy.

All the same, it’s still fun to regularly tease him directly as well, just to build the sexual tension even further. Maybe she’ll get a kick out of stimulating him, even many times a day, even right up to the brink of an orgasm, to give him the hope that this time he may be allowed to cum. Occasionally she might just rub his cock until it’s hard again, and then let that be the end of it for a while. She could even let him stick it in for just a few minutes in some spontaneous place or time, just to remind him how wonderful her body feels, and to remind him what he’s missing out on. The more spontaneous and unpredictable the tease, the greater the sexual tension becomes.

All in all, however he is teased, it is this wanting that gives him the desire to please her and make her happy more and more, and that is what she should do during these times… take advantage of his desire.

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